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About Birthstones

Birthstones have a rich history of meaning and significance in our lives. Some birthstones are said to ward off sickness. Others are associated with royalty. The Aquamarine is associated with happiness and youthfulness. The Emerald Birthstone with its lush green hues are representative of nature, rebirth, and fertility. Sapphires, Opals, Pearls and other birthstones are highlighted below. Enjoy learning about these beautiful and meaningful precious stones.

  Month Gemstone Details
January Garnet Said to ward off sicknesses, the garnet is closely associated with protection, strength, and health because of its intense and blood-like scarlet color.
February Amethyst The amethyst has been famously coveted by royalty for centuries because it is said to grant intelligence and success with its decadent purple hues.
March Aquamarine Aquamarine, said to have fallen from the treasures of sea sirens, has long been known to endow its wearer with happiness and youthfulness.
April Diamond Previously known as the “Vajra,” which means “lightning,” by the ancient Hindus, the diamond has become the universal symbol for everlasting love.
May Emerald Emerald was claimed by Queen Cleopatra herself as her favorite gemstone. In modern times, its lush green hues are representative of nature, rebirth, and fertility.
June Pearl Pearls were once believed by the Greek to be hardened tears from Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself. Even today, pearls are known to be natural aphrodisiacs!
July Ruby The ruby, known as “The King of Gems”, is said to give its wearer a life of great fortune. Legend says the ruby derives its scarlet glow from inextinguishable internal fire.
August Peridot Peridot, nicknamed the “evening emerald” for its brilliant shine, is thought to have protective powers that ward off darkness and ensure marital bliss.
September Sapphire Sapphires were once a favorite for religious leaders and kings, and have since then enjoyed an association with divine wisdom and royalty.
October Opal Believed to have fallen from the heavens in brilliant flashes of light, the opal is pigmented with all the colors of the rainbow. Today, it’s said to provide means to clairvoyance.
November Citrine The citrine is imbued with a warm, golden glow and believed to ward off evil thought and sicknesses. Now, the citrine is known for keeping its wearers cheerful and hopeful.
December Topaz Blue topaz’s light cerulean colors are believed to instill calmness and emotional wellbeing. Today, the gemstone symbolizes love and fidelity.