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Birthstone Collection


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The garnet, once believed to have lighted the way for Noah’s biblical ark, is widely used as a talisman of guardianship to protect loved ones during long travels. While its mythology is rooted in many cultures the world over, garnets are most widely associated with strength and health and are worn to ward off sickness. Shop January birthstone jewelry now!


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Amethysts, once synonymous with wealth and royalty because of Queen Catherine the Great of England’s fondness for the vibrant gemstone, have been used as symbols of spirituality. Amethysts range from light lilac to deep purple, and gift its wearers with heightened intelligence and success. Shop February birthstone jewelry now!


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Legend says aquamarine fell from the treasure boxes of sea sirens and washed ashore. Engraved with the likeness of the Greek god Neptune, aquamarine talismans were worn by sailors as defenses against dangers at sea. Now, aquamarine exemplifies happiness and enduring youth and is also believed to rejuvenate wearers and relationships. Shop March birthstone jewelry now!



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The Greeks named the diamond “adamas,” which means “invincible.” As the gemstone that universally symbolizes everlasting love and affection, the diamond has played a part in nearly every religion by bringing its wearer power, riches, and success. In modern times, diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend. Shop April birthstone jewelry now!


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The brilliant emerald was once claimed by Cleopatra as her favorite gem, which she lavishly wore and bestowed upon visiting dignitaries. Ancient Romans dedicated the gemstone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, for its association with fertility and rebirth. More commonly now, the emerald epitomizes growth in nature and love. Shop May birthstone jewelry now!


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The pearl was once so revered as a symbol of wealth, love and beauty that it was the sacred sign of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Some cultures even believe pearls are a natural aphrodisiac! As the June birthstone, it is said to bring its wearers health and longevity and is available in a white variety of colors. Shop June birthstone jewelry now!



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Heralded as the "Rajnapura" or “King of Gems” by ancient Hindus, the ruby was accredited with magical powers that imbued the wearer with a life of peace and fortune. Due to its intense scarlet color, the ruby is also said to obtain its glow from an inextinguishable internal fire. For this reason, this gem represents everlasting love. Shop July birthstone jewelry now!


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Peridot, also termed “gem of the sun” or “evening emerald,” is said to be so dazzling that that it had the power to ward off darkness and evil spirits. Its brilliance is so vibrant it signifies great vitality for an individual and within a relationship. As the August birthstone, peridot is also said to assure marital bless. Shop August birthstone jewelry now!


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Once a favorite amongst religious leaders and kings, the sapphire gemstone symbolized wisdom and spirituality. Some ancient cultures also described the sapphire as having the power to guide good fortune to its wearer and ward off evil omens because for its ability to attract divine favor. Shop September birthstone jewelry now!



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Opal was called by the ancient Romans “Cupid Paederos," or “child beautiful as love,” because it possessed all the radiant colors of the rainbow. Arabs believed that opals acquired their colors when they fell from heaven in bursts of lightning. Opal is also said to provide means to clairvoyance, as well as protection against evil and nightmares. Shop October birthstone jewelry now!


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Citrine is a warm and golden gemstone that derives its name from the French word “citrin,” which means “lemon.” Worn as a quartz talisman in Roman times, citrine was thought to protect against evil thoughts and ailments. More recently, its cheerful qualities are also said to keep its wearers lighthearted and full of hope. Shop November birthstone jewelry now!


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Delightfully cerulean, blue topaz receives its name from “tapas,” the Sanskrit word for “fire.” Accredited with many healing powers, the blue topaz was believed to calm hot tempers as the soothing color of aqua is linked with emotional wellbeing. As a gift, blue topaz symbolizes love and fidelity. Shop December birthstone jewelry now!