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Color Gems Collection


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Associated with spirituality, the amethyst is also loved for its expansive range of delicate lilac to royal purple colors. Today, amethyst is believed to possess powers of relaxation to relieve tension in sore muscles. Shop amethyst jewelry now!


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Often used for its powers of encouraging peace and harmony during meditation, the aquamarine has lovely hues of light greens and blues that make it a perfect gemstone for all occasions. Shop aquamarine jewelry now!

cat's eye

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Believed to protect its wearers from bad fortune and while also brining a sense of harmony, cat’s eye jewelry has long been among the most sought after gems. Its glamorous and understated hue also makes for a fabulous fashion statement. Shop cat’s eye jewelry now!



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Citrine jewelry symbolizes joy and hope because of its uplifting golden colors. Today, the adored gemstone enjoys a reputation of enhancing creativity and restoring balance. Shop citrine jewelry now!


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Before it was known as “a girl’s best friend,” diamonds were believed to bring power and ward off evil. Today, it is known the world over as a symbol of everlasting love and the 60th anniversary gem. Shop diamond jewelry now!


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Emeralds have enjoyed a passion-filled history as one of the most sought after gemstones on earth. With its intense grass-like colors, emerald is associated with nature and rebirth. Shop emerald jewelry now!



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Believed to stir creativity and heighten health and charisma, garnet is a powerful energy stone with colors that range from delicate pink to intense scarlet. Garnet is also the second anniversary gem. Shop garnet jewelry now!


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The opal is renowned for its unique shimmering and ever-changing colors. Thought to have fallen from the sky in flashes of lightning, the opal has had a tradition of representing hope and purity since Roman times. Shop opal jewelry now!


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As one of the oldest “gems,” pearls are said by ancient cultures to be teardrops of the moon. Pearls also represent purity in modern times, and often adorn those in high society. Shop pearl jewelry now!



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The peridot’s unusual shine and brilliance has earned it the nickname “evening emerald,” while its unique shades of light olive make it a gemstone to be reckoned with. Shop peridot jewelry now!


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For thousands of years, the ruby once held the title for most valued gemstone for its association with power and fiery passion. Today, ruby jewelry is a popular choice for 15-year anniversary gifts. Shop ruby jewelry now!


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Once the gemstone of kings and queens, the sapphire was widely sought after for its association with the heavens and divinity. Sapphire, today, is a popular gemstone for its deep cerulean hues. Shop sapphire jewelry now!



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Spinel, a dazzling gem that comes in a number of colors, was long believed to shield its wearers from unforeseen losses. Its deep hues and sharp colors make it a favorite of even the most discerning of people. Shop spinel jewelry now!


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Tanzanite has been said to have been used by ancient Celtic chiefs to select tribal leaders, as it was thought to bring the revelations of the gods. Today, Tanzanite is renowned for its beautiful deep blue/purple hue and majestic clarity. Shop tanzanite jewelry now!


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Topaz, available in a wide variety of colors, is believed to catalyze the laws of attraction by prompting its wearers have more faith in the universe to bring them all they desire. Shop topaz jewelry now!



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Tourmaline, which is found naturally in a wide range of colors, is celebrated for its ability to bring happiness, spirituality, joy, and peace to all those who wear it. Of course, its everlasting beauty speaks volumes as well. Shop tourmaline jewelry now!

tsavorite garnet

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Long heralded for its beautiful and deep hue, tsavorite garnet is sure to leave anyone bearing witness to it green with envy. Today, tsavorite garnet is a favorite of many thanks to both the rarity of the gem as well as its memorizing color. Shop tsavorite garnet jewelry now!