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Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal is an expert estimate of the retail replacement value of a piece of jewelry. An appraisal is determined by cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the gemstones; current market data; and the weight of precious metals included in the piece. Other details include craftsmanship. A jewelry appraisal ensures that your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of your jewelry in circumstances of loss, theft, or damage. Insurance agencies need appraisals to calculate a coverage rate for your jewelry.

Items that retail for $1,000 or more will receive an appraisal report issued by a GIA certified gemologist.

Jewelry Certificates

Gemorie.com’s gemstones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s largest, oldest, and most esteemed independent and non-profit laboratories. GIA screens gemstones to ID synthetics, simulants, and known treatments. Furthermore, GIA gemologists inspect gemstones under controlled viewing conditions to provide the most strict evaluation of a gemstone’s cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

The following items will come with a certificate from GIA:

  • Items with a diamond center stone whose carat weight is 0.30 ct or more.
  • Items with a semi-precious gemstone (sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc.) center stone whose carat weight is 1.0 ct or more.

Please note: A customer who orders a $1,000+ item with a center stone that qualifies for a GIA certificate will receive both a GIA certificate and appraisal report. A customer who orders a $1,000+ item with loose stones will receive an appraisal report only.