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Lifetime Warranty

Gemorie strives to produce the finest quality jewelry that will last through the ages. In order to meet our high standards of quality, Gemorie offers Lifetime Warranty on the craftsmanship of our jewelry and timepieces. The Lifetime Warrenty does not cover the following:

• Lost or chipped stones
• Damages to the piece done by the customer, including scratches, dents, or broken pieces
• Damages from resizing done by another jeweler
• Other modifications by the customer or a 3rd party

Other Repairs

We will gladly examine pieces (from us or another jewelry retailer) on a case by case basis to see if we can repair certain damages and/or replace a chipped/lost stone. Such a service will be offered at a competitive fee.

Turnaround Time

Please allow at least 7-14 business days for repairs.

For repairs or to use your one-year warranty, send your item to Gemorie (shipping fees will be paid by the customer). Since Gemorie is not responsible for lost packages in transit, it is highly recommended that customers 1) insure their package, and 2) request a return receipt. Please see the Shipping and Returns page for more details.